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I’m going to share with you a story that the Founder and Owner of Ready & Armed, Amy Sietz shared.

*Minor editing was done to make the following easy to read*

On Friday, Rob and I grabbed dinner and some drinks. Because of Ohio law i had to secure my weapon in the car since i was drinking, which i did.  Fast forward thru a long weekend and me being sick. to today dealing with owner issues. I ran out the door (late) to show my rental unit.

I arrived, still working out things on my phone .. was distracted. (I) entered the house and one of the people looking at my rental asked about the kicked in door.. what? Then they showed me.

I immediately called the police and we walked out of the house. But since we had already been thru the house I was confident no one was still there.

While waiting my husband had me walk the outside downstairs level where I noticed that the window was broken (more than it had been before) but here is my mistake number 2. I looked at the window, but I didn’t look inside the window. See the blinds were pulled up and i had a clear view inside but i was distracted. I wanted the cops to get there. I was hot.

Then I resorted to sitting on the deck to wait on the cops. Figured what the hell,  I’ll open the downstairs and take a peek just to be sure. I opened the door and first a light was on, and I also heard the tv going… not good! I reached into my purse… to find no gun.

I remember dialing 911, I don’t remember running up the stairs, I remember launching off the deck and I ran to the street where i watched him (the intruder) leave the property.

After the police left, i returned to the porch to find our baseball bat laying next to the chair i had been sitting in. I know he came up those stars after me with it.

So, tonight I’m thankful I didn’t lock up when I realized I was unarmed. I reacted and saved myself from some kind of damage.

I know that I will take better measures to ensure i am locked and loaded for the most simple tasks and somehow I’m going to try to pay more attention.

Tonight, I am proof that knowing your options can save you.


Amy Sietz created Ready and Armed – and this is her personal story:

I am the 1 in the 4 of women that will be assaulted in their lifetime. As a child, I was a victim of a crime, but I don’t like to think of myself like a victim – I’m a survivor! This experience was bad and I don’t want others to have this but I learned from it. I know I am stronger and I’m who I am today because of that experience. I credit a very strong line of women in my family that helped me thru this.

Years have passed, and my life has continued. In 2006 I met my husband, married him in 2008 and started running a daycare from home. During this time I found out that my childhood attacker now lived less than 1 mile from my current home. In fact, it is my husband’s lifelong farm. It’s not like I could just ask him to pick up and move. I contacted the parole officer assigned to my attacker and found in Ohio there is no law on how close he could live to a victim of his crimes. Nevertheless, I don’t live scared. Truth be told while he made a big impact on my life, I doubt I cross his mind very often – I’m too old now. Still I hadn’t found the desire to get any self-defense training or even fire a gun.

Until one day, in the course of performing daycare for a family that had issues the dad attempted to kidnap the child from my care. Due to attempted murder charges, there was a restraining order against him at this time. It took that parental mode to kick in for me to say – Oh No! I won’t allow another child to be a victim on my watch. I went and got my concealed carry license that weekend. The first time I had ever shot a gun was the day before I took this class. You hear of all kinds of gun people, the fanatics, the obsessed, the against, and then there is me the safe.

I believe I am empowered by having my gun with me, but I hate to shoot it. While I know how to work my gun, I know how to keep others from getting access to my gun, but I also know that if needed – I would shoot to protect my life and others that are around me.

Now the element that sparked the creation of our company! My Concealed Carry Purse BROKE! Yes, purses tend to only last about a year and for two years in a row, I dreaded the trip to the local gun store so that I could buy that special purse that would enable me to protect myself. That horrible plain, ugly, and EXPENSIVE purse. In 2014 when this last purse broke I swore to my husband I would not be going back to the gun store for a purse. He challenged me to find another avenue to get one. He didn’t think I could – little did he know right? Upon finding nothing back then online, at least retail wise it became very apparent that there was a need and Ready & Armed was created!

In the (almost) 2 years that we have been open we have expanded from purses, to holsters, corsets, lace, range bags, we even offer a necklace holster! Our purse line has expanded to over 200 purses which meet every woman’s inner fashion preference. We have also empowered many people to establish their own business and create their own income for their families! Every one of my independent sales representatives are in this to help you, your family, your friends, and the strangers you meet on the street to be a Victor and not a Survivor of an attack.

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