One of the unique challenges of being a woman gun owner is how to properly and comfortably wear your concealed carry firearm of choice. One of the reasons why I host a Concealed Carry Fashion Show is so women can explore the options that they have. I know locally, women do not have any good resources that display options that are available to them. If they ask men how to conceal carry they are inevitably told “inner waistband holster”.  That option is not enough.

Pretty & Dangerous

A great example of how you can look professional and pretty and still carry. Woman Wise Guns does a great job of showing women how to do this. Instead of just showing the options, she provides the entire outfit, usually something very fashionable and then provides the reveal – exactly how it is shown.  Read more here.

Functional and Flirty

Dene Adams who brought women the concealed carry corset (one of the favorites at the Concealed Carry Fashion Show in Fayetteville, NC), has now launched a great product for women who wear skirts and dresses – the concealed carry tights.  Check out the video below where as you can see from the comments and reactions, women really like!

Undercover & Underarm Concealed

I’m not much of a skirt and dress wearer and I have a hard time with compression on my waist, so I love things like The Vixen Tank by GunPowder & Lace which is an underarm concealed carry shirt. Reel Camo Girl has a great review of the product.  Read the review here and buy the tank here.


Hip and Quick

Another popular favorite at the Concealed Carry Fashion Show is the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger. We have several Gun Powder Gals that own one and testify to how comfortable it is to wear.  Sadie of Girl Goes Bang modeled it at the Concealed Carry Fashion Show.

Read the review on the American Woman Shooter site.

Motorcycle Chic

Finally, Ready and Armed (full disclosure, I’m a rep and this is my affiliate link below) has several leather concealed carry vests and jackets. The model at the Concealed Carry Fashion Show liked hers so much, she bought it. The leather is of good quality and there is double stitching around the arm holes (if you know anything about stitching, that is a good thing!). Both interior pockets are at an angle to make drawing easier and both have a flexible elastic strap to keep your gun from sliding around. The vests come in men and women’s sizes and go from Small to 5XL
You can learn more and buy – click here.


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