The Girl Next Door: The Unexpected Gun Owner

By Candy J. Sugarman
Available on Amazon Kindle

Who is the ‘typical’ female American gun owner? Despite skewed depictions in the media, women gun owners span all ages, ethnic groups, religion, politics, and social classes. Through conversations with women who shoot, Sugarman explores what prompted women to get starting shooting, their experiences, both negative and positive, their feelings about children and guns, their opinions about the current political climate and the Second Amendment, what they want people (non-gunners) to know about them and more.

Women are growing demographic in the firearms community and why and how they got started shooting or purchased guns is not narrative commonly heard. Hear from women who reject the portrayal of gun owners as gun nuts or violent, over-compensating, paranoid people and start to understand that women who shoot are as ordinary as every other American.

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