I have a confession to make. Okay, two confessions actually. One, I’m not the best pistol shooter. I’m average. There are several Gals that come in with way less time and experience shooting guns and they are much, much better than me.

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That leads me to my second confession, I absolutely hate doing competition or matches. I’m not much of competitor in most things, but I practically cringe when I sign up to do a match. That kind of goes back to reason one, I’m not that good and I’m terribly self-conscious of that fact.

So, what I’m about to write may shock you a little. Because I’m giving you a big old kick in the butt and telling you that if you have your concealed carry permit that you need to get yourself out to a clinic or a match or a competition ASAP.

  • Even if you aren’t a good shot
  • Even if you’ve never done it
  • Even if you are absolutely terrified of doing it
  • Even if you think the other shooters will make fun of you, singing “nah-nah, you suck”, this is something you MUST put on your to do list.

Here are all the reasons why you need to find the nearest and soonest match, competition, clinic and sign up TODAY:

  • As a permit holder, you have an obligation to yourself, your family, and your community to be as highly trained as you can afford to be.
  • You have a permit to carry concealed because you want to be prepared should something go bad. If you don’t train, you WILL NOT be prepared.
  • You may be Annie Oakley when you are hitting stationary targets at the range, but that doesn’t mean a darn thing in real life, because when your adrenaline is pumping and you are scared, it all changes.


I totally get your reluctance to go to a match. I DREAD signing up. I try to talk myself out of going the entire ride to the range, I make excuse after excuse. But when I get there and a group of Gals are hanging out and we cheer each other on, I remember why I came.

Photo credit to H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn, NC

Photo credit to H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn, NC

The only way to get better is to do. It doesn’t matter that I’m not as good as I want to be. I’m building a skill. I’m pushing myself, I’m doing what I can to improve. And I have the support of my Gals, cheering me on and telling me it isn’t that bad (when I know that it is) when I screw up.

Get over your reluctance to do matches and competitions and clinics. Schedule yourself for a least one in the next 6 months.  We have a Practical Tactical Clinic coming up on April 2nd at the H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn, NC.  We are offering Gun Powder Gals the opportunity to sign up first (the privilege of membership) and then we’ll offer it to everyone else.

If not with us, then please grab some girlfriends, swallow your fears and insecurities, and go.

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