Chances are you conceal carry. What holster is the right one for you? You’ll need a number of different types to fit different types of outfits. Just like needing more than one pair of shoes, different holsters will work with different outfits.

I recently tested the Hidden Heat 4 Elastic Belly Band with a Glock 42. I wore it as front carry and drove for two hours.

I should confess I’m not a fan of compression holsters. I just have a sensitive¬†middle. I wore this band low on my hip under a pair of jeans and a fitted t-shirt. It did not ride up during the drive or when getting in or out of the car.

Even better, when I had to run to the restroom, I just pushed the band up nearer to my waist and was able to go without worrying about my gun touching the floor or anything else! A simple readjustment afterward and I was good to go.

The band does have a velcro strap to keep the gun from slipping out of place, but I find that the elastic v to be tight enough that the gun didn’t jump around at all.

As with all holsters, I highly recommend spending time training with it at home before actually wearing it. You need to feel comfortable and able to draw cleanly and safely. If you can’t, then don’t use it.

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