One of the most frequent questions I get from women is what gun should they buy for concealed carry.  My answer is usually, “That is favorite-handgunlike asking me what shoes you should buy. It depends.”  Not the most satisfying of answers, but it is true. Buying a concealed carry gun that you can afford, that you feel comfortable or at least competent shooting, and one that you can conceal is important.  I normally ask women how they will you conceal it Knowing your options for concealed carry wear factors into your decision on what you will buy.


What’s Your Caliber?

Want a better answer about how you should pick your concealed carry gun of choice?  The Daily Caller discusses thing you should consider, among them what caliber you should select.

What are the dimensions?

Other factors to consider are gun width, length, and grip. One often overlooked factor would be if the gun is ‘snag-free’ and the NRA blog explains what you need to look for.

Armed woman with semi-automatic in home invasion scenario

What are you shooting?

What about ammunition? While most debate what gun is the best, this Gun Digest article taken from the book Gun Digest Guide To Concealed Carry Handguns, goes into detail about the importance of different calibers.

What should a woman look for?

When talking about guns for concealed carry you can’t ignore the physical differences in men and women. Range365 does an impressive job of enumerating what those difference are and how they affect the choice of what guns to concealed carry for women.

handgun on the black background

Before you buy

The following article has some great ideas about what you should think about before you shop, things to do while you are shopping, and how to check for fit.

If you are in the Fayetteville NC region on April 8th, come out to the Feminine & Fierce Concealed Carry Fashion Show and Expo. Not only will the Fashion Show display concealed carry wear options for both men and women, we will also have a few dozen vendors.

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