As a business owner, it is disappointing that when you attempt to bring an opportunity to other business owners, you are rejected. It is even more disappointing when you are rejected because the name of your business has the word “Gun” in it or that the event you are producing has firearms involved.

Such is the case with my upcoming “Feminine and Fierce: A Self-Protection and Defense Event” where I’m bringing different aspects of self-defense and protection to women. The entire point of the event is to showcase to women their options. I know not every woman is interested in carrying or using a gun, and those that are, face limitations. Those limitations are usually restrictions of where they can legal carry.

As I’m reaching out to different martial arts and self-defense organizations, the hurdle I’m having to cross is being rejected because I’m actually including firearms as a legitimate option for self-defense.

I don’t think a self-protection event involving guns would be a good fit for my audience

Ok, I get it. It is their business, they are allowed to pass on opportunities, say no to whatever they want. But I have to say I’m curious, what audience wouldn’t want to learn about their options? I’m 5’2″ and as I get older, I’m getting weaker. I know I NEED options and I can’t imagine who doesn’t.



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