The Conversation

Something happened the last networking event I was a part of. I was introduced to a couple; a man and his wife, and part of the introduction included my group, Gun Powder Gals. What normally happens when I speak to a couple, the husband starts talking about his wife’s involvement in the gun world. She chimes in and we have a conversation. Like normal people do.

The husband said, “I have some guns, but I don’t tell anyone how many I have.”  I responded that I totally understood and that I very rarely if ever talk about the type and numbers of guns I have.

Close up view of the barrel of a handgun with scattered bullets and cartridges lying on old rustic wooden boards depicting violence, crime and robbery with copyspace

Then the husband did something that I find happens with certain types of men. He asked, “Do you concealed carry?” then asked me to show him my gun.

The Demand

I smiled at him, thinking that he was joking. Didn’t we just talk about not telling people about the types and number of guns we have? But nope, he then made the demand. “Show me your gun.” Yes, it was a demand, not a question. As if he had the right to demand or even ask. I again smiled and changed the subject.

He demanded one more time. I walked away.

The Reason

It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. It is a certain type of man (and I say man because no woman has ever demanded to see what I was carrying, although they do ask what it is I carry), that feels that I need to prove myself to him. Even more so, he feels he need to be aggressive with me proving in some sort of convoluted way that he is dominant.

handgun on the black background

I’ve had men scoff at me or become disbelieving because I wouldn’t show them my concealed carry. As if I could only be validated as a ‘real gun owner’ if I showed my gun.

Has this ever happened to you?

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